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Camel Island – Geocache 129

Just a quickie – as part of the Blue Moon Challenge Cache (GC4ZJ1Z) I rediscovered Camel Island (GC10PTB) via this Earthcache. 5/12 Blue Moon Challenge caches completed!


Caching in Leeds – Geocaches 102 and 103

I was in Leeds for work, and managed to squeeze in a few caches – along with a few DNFs! It was quite busy though, so I didn’t search too long or too conspicuously for the ones I missed.

I started at Roger Stevens’ Nano (GC3KQ9Y) but there were far too many people around to have a good search. I checked the obvious places as discreetly as possible, but came up with nothing.

I moved on down the hill to Leeds Web-Cam Cache (GC24CD) and Jon helped by taking the webcam picture. It was a bit tricky to spot me as it’s not exactly high resolution, but by following instructions on where to stand and by making myself into two dots with my bag, Jon managed to spot me and take the picture. There’s something very fun about these ones! I was happy to see this was the oldest webcam in the world, having been placed in 2001!

Camera is up there somewhere.

Next was a short multi, GGS3 (GC15QCW),which involved reading some information and working out some coordinates.

Useful information excluded from the picture!
In the lobby at the teaching hospital.

I managed to solve it fairly quickly thanks to the clear clues, and soon had the final cache in my hand. I was really happy to be able to bag a multi in the short time I had, as well as a webcam.

I had a very quick glance at Park Square Cache (GC11KQE) and That was then this is now 6-7-8 or 3-4-1 (GC2QPX2), but in the end decided I’d better get my train!


Geocaches 100 and 101 – More DNFs off the list!

Terri and I met up for a quick post-work cache as part of the Blue Moon Challenge (GC4ZJ1Z).

Found the last of the BTB Cleadon series (GC2X5PA) with Terri after missing it last time – I was on the right track during our last attempt but when I hunkered down to have a proper look I sandwiched a nettle and stung my legs and so with a cry of “nope nope nope” the search was abandoned. Now the nettles are dead and we were triumphant!

Woudn’t want to post the exact cache…

This was my 100th find, too, and containted the final clue for us to have a go at the final mystery cache (GC32XAH) hidden somewhere in the villiage.

We still had some time before Terri’s prior engagement, so we decided to go for another previous DNF – Academy Path (GC4ZA3R) which the cache owner had given us a hint on. As with other previous DNFs we were totally certain that we’d checked this spot and found a box-shaped hole, but no!

No need to stray onto private land.

We found it straight away looking just as it was described. Completely flummoxed as to how we missed it on previous occasions! We dropped off a travel bug and picked up a new one to move on.

The Blue Moon Challenge list is now…

10/08/2014 – GCQ1R9 – Marsden Rock Earthcache
09/09/2014 – GC4ZA3R – Academy Path

A return to Durham – Geocaches 94 and 95

At the beginning of the year I found myself in Durham with a few hours to kill, and went geocaching. The trip was only moderately successful, and with a few more hides under my belt, nicer weather, and enthusiastic fellow travellers (hi mam, hi Lin), I set about finding some of the ones that got away.


After a lovely lunch we headed along a path along the river, straight for  Fulling Mill (GC416DW) which had eluded me last time. Armed with an improved understanding of the clue, more experience and a lack of rainwater getting in my ears, I started looking around for it. My fellow searchers got very involved with some foliage and a stick, but I spotted the likely spot. I checked the cache was there before announcing the find, and mam zoomed up and found it too. It contained the creepiest thing I’ve ever found in a cache too…


After a few unsuccessful hunts, we headed past the cathedral and paid a visit to Durham World Heritage Site (GC4EYT2) – one that I’d found before. Mam dug around in the dressing up box with great enthusiasm, but it was Lin that spotted the cache in the end! We continued our walk through Durham…




I hoped to find another previous DNF – Durham is Changing (GC2CD9C) – which I’d expended an awful amount of effort on previously. This time, once at the correct spot, the hiding place became clear pretty quickly. It was a really nice hide, and I could see how I’d missed it previously not having seen a similar one back then. The container was full of foreign coins, which were really interesting to look through. We even got a sticker for our efforts…


Mam and Lin told me they’d enjoyed the hunt, and all the hills certainly helped us walk off our lunch.


Marsden Rock Earthcache and One in a Blue Moon – Geocache 93

Yesterday my mam assisted me with a cache and dash Earthcache close to home. I’ve often walked past Marsden Rock Earthcache (GCQ1R9), so didn’t feel too bad just leaping out of the car for the snap – plus it was absolutely necessary that I found a cache on that date. Why?

Aside from this being a find in its own right, I took my first step towards completing the Blue Moon Challenge Cache (GC4ZJ1Z).

The challenge is to find 13 caches on days when there is a full moon. A blue moon, according to the cache description, is the second full moon in a calendar month – something that doesn’t happen very often. Interestingly, I was lucky enough to discover this challenge cache at a time when there are 12 full moons before the next blue moon… so I’m able to claim 12 consecutive full moon finds, and find the blue moon challenge cache as the final 13th moon, which is also a blue moon day! Very pleasing…

Naturally, Terri is also in on this action, but she is on holiday just now. So committed is she, that she bravely nabbed a cache yesterday as well – despite not being on top form health wise. So we are both still on track to complete the Blue Moon Challenge… More on that next month!

A Trip to South Shields – Geocaches 90-92

For a quick after-work cache, Terri organised a magical mystery tour around South Shields – including snacks! We started at Air Raids on Shields 1 (Queens Theatre) (GC3JA6A) which was a very quick find – wonderfully hidden in plain sight, but we had seen a similar one before.

Industrial History (GC2FR80) is a mystery cache, and involved going to a HUGE mural and counting various things like the number of steel workers, the number of cranes… it took us about twenty minutes of searching and counting but we did get the correct coordinates eventually!

Part of the mural
Part of the mural

Rather than head up the hill to grab that cache, we went back down to the Customs House Theatre and gathered clues for a short multi cache which told the history of The UK’s First Racial Riot (GCVCVT) – quite a claim to (in)fame…

Blue plaque
Blue plaque

We gathered the numbers and then did the maths – somehow we ended up with coordinates on the other side of the river! Now, there is a ferry, but that seemed a bit extreme. I checked my maths and nothing was amiss… then Terri checked she’d written her numbers down right…

View over the river.
View over the river.

New (much more reasonable!) coordinates in hand we quickly found the magnetic cache and signed the log – now to find the end of the mystery cache.

Customs House
Customs House – evidence of editing

We went to the coordinates and had a quick hunt around, and paid close attention to this particular bush… surely not! Though there was a place you could just about fit your hand in. Was the cache owner really so devious?


I suppose you’ll have to check there yourselves to find out.

Edinburgh Caching – Geocaches 78 and 79

My friend Aimee was visiting from Austria, and happily she made it to Edinburgh so we could catch up! We had no real plans in the city until we could meet friends at 6pm, so we just wandered about and I had a go at a few caches because, well… it would be rude not to. Our first success was with a new type of cache for me – a webcam cache. You go and stand in front of a webcam at the specified coordinates, and then use software on your phone or ask a friend to log into it from their computer at home. Jon took this picture for us “Wolfing it in the West End” (GCHWAP).

Webcam Cache
Webcam Cache

This was lots of fun to do – I don’t really know why but it really appealed! We arranged to see Luke, another friend of ours, and decided to get the tram to a lovely restaurant across town – an excellent excuse for a go on the new trams, and a great opportunity to grab a mystery cache that I had already worked out the answer for. I quickly found the right spot for Tramspotting (GC5359Q) which has a funny description (probably even funnier if you’re an Edinburger) and is well worth a look.

A quick and cheeky multi!
A quick and cheeky multi

After this quick find we jumped onto the tram and went for a well deserved pile of Chinese dumplings at Chop Chop. Yum!

Later, the three of us attempted Greyfriar’s Bobby (GC3B3R2) but had no luck! We had a hunt around for a bit but couldn’t see where the cache could be. Happily, we did meet a nice German family who were doing the same thing. We left before they did, but happened to bump into them while crossing the road to Waverley Station a few hours later – they didn’t find it either!

Maybe next time…