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DNFs in Sunderland – Geocache 149

Terri and I got onto the metro, but only got as far as Sunderland when the service was suspended… That put paid to our idea of riding around and grabbing metro caches! Unfortunately, the day had started how it meant to go on, with a whole lot of bad luck. It wasn’t all bad though – we had lots of fun and a 6-mile walk into the bargain.

We started off at Park Lane, where we discovered that the cache which had been archived. After a bit of lunch we headed off to SideTracked – Sunderland (GC5NX1F). Despite a good squint around at the correct spot, it wasn’t to be found.

Not to be put off, we headed back across town to Mobray Park, looking for the well-named cache Mowbray Park – (GC4WDEX), which we had failed to find in the past. The DNF struck again and we didn’t manage this one either.


Next on our list was a multi on the edge of the park – W.M.#23 We will remember them ~ Mowbray Park (GC5EY9V). We did all the calculations at the location, but unfortunately couldn’t find the final! We were feeling pretty disheartened by now!

We decided to take a little break in the Winter Gardens for a change and regroup, and walked around the garden for a while.


We headed out of town towards the bridge, but stopped off to search for Church Micro 7959…Sunderland – St Mary (GC5X4E0). Needless to say we came up empty handed there too. We hoped crossing the river might change out luck.

W.M.#40 We Will Remember Them ~ Stadium of Light (GC5JVG8) was next on the list. This is part of the series based on War Memorials, and the statue here was quite unique with its SAFC connection. We did the required calculations and went to the indicated spot… and there was the cache! We were so happy to find it!


We searched for a reprieve across the river by the Stadium of Light, looking for the Stadium of Light Multi (GC4X2C1). We got to the final location just fine, but couldn’t find the final! At least we got a walk around the stadium and found some very fitting plants.


Finally, we decided to call it a day. I hope we can find them again some other time. Fingers crossed.



Sunday – Geocaches 42-45

Once again enticed by travel bugs, we started at Fullwell Windmill (GC4ZA1H) with a fairly straightforward find. Terri nabbed this one quickly, and was very happy to find that the travel bug was still there!

Fullwell Mill
Fullwell Mill

Next we had a go at Fairy Dell (GC33WYA), but the search was abandoned after a while – partly due to the hovering sinister wasp who was investigating the same tree stump. We’ll have to try again…

Pretty flowers but no luck today.
Pretty flowers but no luck today.

Now we come to a slightly sticky cache – Jessie’s Field (GC4MWZT)… This was hidden, and very well disguised. Let’s just say it’s a dogwalking area. A modified…item…contained this tiny log! We also spotted some colourful locals.

Bravely excavated in Jessie's Field
Bravely excavated in Jessie’s Field

Next, we got ourselves thoroughly tangled up in the one way system and stopped at St Peter’s metro station for this awesome cache (GC53Z0G). The hide was fairly straightforward, but it definitely gets points for being out of the way in such a public spot, and for the awesomeness of the container!

How could anyone miss this one? Totally obvious right?
How could anyone miss this one? 

The next cache (GCX972) was by the beautiful and ancient St Peter’s Church. This one had us hunting for ages (the coordinates seemed to point to private property on the other side of the wall). Terri spotted an out of place fragment after we’d ferreted abot on the ground for ages.

St Peter's Church
St Peter’s Church

Plenty of finds for one day!