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Church Micro 7723…Heworth–Geocache 145

This was another cache and dash to celebrate International Geocaching Day. Finding myself in Heworth for the evening, I made sure to pop to Church Micro 7723 … Heworth (GC5TJ1M) to tick off the souvenir! A quick think and an even quicker search meant I soon had it signed off!


A Souvenir by: Geocaching HQ

Additional Information:Happy International Geocaching Day! By logging a geocache on August 15, you have joined thousands of geocachers around the world who are celebrating geocaching.”


First to find race–Geocaches 141-143

My phone went off and signalled a geocache had just been published near by. Then another one came in straight after! I called Terri and off we went, after frantic discussion about which one would be the best chance to get a first to find. We opted to go for Tree’s a crowd (GC5V7MH).

Tree was a nearly a crowd when mistyduneTerri and I arrived to find another cacher already searching! Having scrambled our respective helicopters we were quite surprised to have been beaten to GZ, but we all spent a good few minutes more looking! Eventually I went the opposite way to the other two, driven by a hint, and the cache was ours! Joint FTF with our searching companion! As soon as the log was signed…”Right… See you at the next one!”


And so the challenge continued to St Benet’s (GC5V7Q7), as we raced to our vehicles…

…the drama continued as we wondered who would be the first to arrive. It wasn’t us! Our caching nemesis had unearthed it only moments before, but we shared in the FTF. It was great to meet another cacher and share the hunt!

To round off the evening, we went back to a cache we had missed on a previous hunt. Part of a series on war memorials, W.M.#62 We Shall remember them ~ Whitburn (8GC5NEB). It had not been there, but was replaced when we had our second try. We had solved the puzzle earlier. A telltale pen lying on the ground hinted that we were in the right spot! The tall one grabbed it in no time this time around!

A return to Durham – Geocaches 94 and 95

At the beginning of the year I found myself in Durham with a few hours to kill, and went geocaching. The trip was only moderately successful, and with a few more hides under my belt, nicer weather, and enthusiastic fellow travellers (hi mam, hi Lin), I set about finding some of the ones that got away.


After a lovely lunch we headed along a path along the river, straight for  Fulling Mill (GC416DW) which had eluded me last time. Armed with an improved understanding of the clue, more experience and a lack of rainwater getting in my ears, I started looking around for it. My fellow searchers got very involved with some foliage and a stick, but I spotted the likely spot. I checked the cache was there before announcing the find, and mam zoomed up and found it too. It contained the creepiest thing I’ve ever found in a cache too…


After a few unsuccessful hunts, we headed past the cathedral and paid a visit to Durham World Heritage Site (GC4EYT2) – one that I’d found before. Mam dug around in the dressing up box with great enthusiasm, but it was Lin that spotted the cache in the end! We continued our walk through Durham…




I hoped to find another previous DNF – Durham is Changing (GC2CD9C) – which I’d expended an awful amount of effort on previously. This time, once at the correct spot, the hiding place became clear pretty quickly. It was a really nice hide, and I could see how I’d missed it previously not having seen a similar one back then. The container was full of foreign coins, which were really interesting to look through. We even got a sticker for our efforts…


Mam and Lin told me they’d enjoyed the hunt, and all the hills certainly helped us walk off our lunch.


Geocaching in Newcastle – Finds 10-12

Spoiler Alert!

I spent an hour or so geocaching this morning with my dad – his first outing.

We went for four caches in total, and managed to find 3 out of 4, not bad considering they were all urban micros and nanos!

The first port of call was for the Travel Bug Footie Follower, which we took to a cache (GC4P4KE) near St James’ Park, as requested by the mission. The bottlecap sized cache was too small to leave the TB, so it is still with me until I can find a cache big enough to take it.

Visiting the Gates

The second cache of the day (GC1PJKH) was in the cloisters area of Newcastle, and it was also quickly found once we decided on the right side of the building, about the size of a film canister and well disguised too. This area is very interesting and worth a peek, I didn’t know it was even there until a few years ago.

No monks today...

We then headed to another nearby cache (GC4P4KE) near a theatre, but couldn’t find it. We were pretty sure we were in the right place though, so I’ll have to check it out again sometime.

The final attempt of the day (GC4T967) was successful, with a really cool nano cache ‘hidden in plain sight’ which blended in beautifully with its background. It didn’t even look like it wasn’t part of the structure it was stuck to. Fab!


I’ve still yet to tackle a multi, but that will have to wait for another day. I also saw that the Travel Bug Purple Pride has moved on from where I placed it… Happy travels!