New Year’s day in Xiamen

We went to XMU campus first of all, to meet Janny and to have a look at the parts of the campus I hadn’t yet seen. As it was the first day of the new year, it seemed like everyone had had the same idea, as the campus and the area around it are popular tourist destinations. The place was really packed!

The campus is really beautiful, and was looking fantastic now the sun was out. Even the fountains were on near the main gate.

One of the popular places on campus is a long tunnel which connects two areas underneath a road. You can walk or cycle through. It’s very long, and is the only place I’ve seen graffiti. Murals have been done by various groups of students, and are changed every so often. There are lots of pop culture ones featuring popular characters from TV or films, and also plenty relating to various disciplines studied at the university.

After we’d walked the tunnel twice, we met up with Janny to say thank you for all of her help with organising us! It was lovely to see her and we exchanged gifts and had a chat.

The campus was decorated for Spring festival with lots of floral displays and lanterns hanging up.

When we left the campus we walked by Nanputuo Temple which was closed and deserted. It looked even more peaceful than usual without all the people inside.

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